Booking Tickets for Events at the Hall

To book tickets (where available) for upcoming events go to the event on the Calendar and click through to the ticket options.

Hiring the Hall – General Information

The Hall has a maximum capacity of 120 persons for Fire Regulation purposes. Full details of the condition of hire for Liverton Village Hall are to be found on the Hall Booking Form (see here) – the general principles are set out below:

1. Bookings are accepted and charged in hour blocks (i.e., any part-hours requested are charged at the full hour rate), with the minimum hire period being two hours; the current hire rate is £10/hour with the full hire fee is paid at time of booking – with the possibility of a discounted rate for recurring activities (at the discretion of the Management Committee). Bookings must include set-up and clear-up time in the hire period – access will not be generally be allowed outside of the booking time, except by special arrangement (and may then be charged).

2. Full-day bookings may be possible – contact the Bookings Clerk for details (use the web-form below).

3. A booking is secured once it has been confirmation by the Booking Clerk – only after a completed and signed Booking Form and full advanced payment has been received by the Booking Clerk (and the booking deemed for an acceptable/lawful purpose). Although provisional bookings may be ‘pencilled into’ the diary and online calendar, this does not secure the Hall’s use – such ‘pencilled in’ slots may be removed from the diary/online calendar if either the completed and signed Booking Form or full payment are not received in good time.

4. Bookings will not be accepted more than 12 months in advance except in special circumstances and at the discretion of the Management Committee (e.g., for wedding receptions).

5. If a booking request is received for a slot that is usually booked by a regular block-booking hall user, but which is not yet booked due to being beyond their usual block-booking period, then that regular user will generally be given the opportunity to secure that slot – they will receive 48 hours to respond to this opportunity, after which if the slot has not been secured it will be considered free for bookings. In some cases, e.g., regarding Local Elections and Hall Maintenance/Official Business it may not be possible to provide this opportunity.

6. In case of booking amendment after a booking is accepted and within 30 days of the hire period, full payment for the original duration of accepted bookings (plus any additional hours) will be required, regardless of whether that time has been fully used (to cover ‘lost opportunity’ costs for bookings that might have been taken for that period). When a request is made to shorten the duration a booking hire more that 30 days before the hire period then the unused hours will be refunded (subject to minimum hire limits). When a booking is amended to make it of a longer duration the additional hire fee will be due at the time of booking amendment.

7. Any unauthorised over-run in hall use beyond the time booked (whether before or after the booking slot) will be charged at £12/hour (part-hours will be charged as a full hour).

8. Cancellations policy: 50% of the full hire fee is forfeit in case of cancellation within 30 days of the hire (as well as covering administration time, this reflects the fact that while the booking was in place it has prevented any other hirers from booking the Hall, with a possible adverse impact on Hall finances). There is no forfeit if the hire is cancelled more than 30 days before the hire.

9. All hirers of the Village Hall – whether for regular sessions or for one-off hires – are required to leave the hall in a clean and tidy state after their hire session; a check-list has been created for hirers to work through at the end of their hire – it can be seen and downloaded here.

10. The Hall Management Committee reserves the right to interpret and vary bookings conditions and the above policy to reflect what they consider to be the best interests of the Hall and the prioritisation of it’s purposes.

NB: from February 2020, hire of the hall for Private Events will require the payment of a ‘Damage and Clean-Up’ deposit of a minimum of £30 for each booking (we do not accept bookings for older children’s parties, or for events where we judge there to be a higher risk of damage to the hall – e.g., where large numbers of young people may be drinking alcohol). The Hall Management Committee have deemed this necessary due to ongoing issues with the hall being left in a messy or otherwise unsatisfactory state. The Hall is an important and valued community asset – we want all hirers to be able to enjoy a clean and tidy hall when they open-up, and this requires all hirers to tidy and clear-up at the end of their hire period. See item 25 of the Conditions of Hire for full details of the Deposit Scheme – and the check-list for hirers when clearing-up at the end of their session).)

Terms and Conditions of Hall Hire

There is a comprehensive set of Hire Conditions that all hirers must agree to abide by – they are appended to the Booking Form and may be viewed by clicking here.

Enquiring About/Making A Booking

If you are interested in booking the Village Hall, first check availability by looking at the What’s On Calendar (there may be a slight delay between accepting bookings and having them appear on the Calendar). Even if the hall appears booked at the time you would have liked then contact the booking clerk to check – there may be some flexibility with existing bookings and in any case sometimes we receive last-minute cancellations.

Then, to enquire about making a booking complete and submit a booking enquiry using the form below (do not use this form for general enquiries or communications about official Village Hall business, which can be submitted on this page):

NB, this form is for enquiring about booking the hallnot for actually making a booking (see below for making a booking)

Booking Enquiry Form

To Submit a Booking Request:

download, complete and submit a Booking Form: click here.

Hall Keyholder

When a Booking is accepted the Booking Manager will send you instructions for accessing the Hall. In emergencies, or for tradespeople who need to access the hall grounds, the Hall keyholder’s contact number is: 07814 684392 – If this number is unanswered try the alternative number: 07780 675489.