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It is the policy of Liverton Village Hall website administrators and the Liverton Village Hall Management Committee to allow only the use those website cookies that are built in to the software with which this website is constructed, and which are necessary for it to function. A good guide to cookies, especially regarding their use, is provided by the Jetpack component of this website, and can be seen at:


Liverton Village Hall Management Committee and Website Administrators will use data collected via the website only for the uses that it was collected – and which users submitting data might reasonably expect that data to be used; e.g., for the emailing of news posts when requested, for responding to enquiries submitted to the website, for providing contact details for Hall Hirer Events and Sessions, and for recording Cinema reservations.

Aside from the automatic and necessary operation of the website software cookies (see above) data collected via this website about website users will not be shared with any third parties. We will delete any data collected from this website (e.g., email addresses), at the explicit request of website users.