Wifi Internet

Wifi Internet Provision at the Hall

Internet connection in the Hall is provided by a Mobile WIFI unit (MIFI), which once switched on, will allow up to 12 people to connect their devices (laptops, smart-phones etc) to the internet. The device is made available to hirers upon request.

Costs and Overview

This system operates by purchasing and activating data-allowance packages (minimum cost £2) from credit loaded onto a mobile SIM card account (instructions below). If there is less than £2 credit loaded onto the account you will have to load more credit using a credit/debit card – the minimum amount of wifi credit that that can purchased at any one time is £5. Once a £2 data-allowance package has been activated it will last for a maximum of one month; a £2 package will typically allow for a 20 minute you-tube video (depending on quality) or a longer time browsing the internet. Data-allowance packages that provide higher amounts of data are available, including some that will last for a maximum of 3 months (until the data-allowance is used up).

NB: If you purchase a data-allowance package and do not use all of the data during your hall hire session then the next hall-user who wants to use the wifi will be using the data you have purchased but not used; if you are a regular-hirer and purchased a 3-month or longer data-allowance package it cannot be guaranteed that you would be able to return on a weekly basis and use all of your data without anyone else using any! This is an imperfect system, and just as with the electricity meters, there are likely to be some winners and some losers. For that reason it is recommended that you purchase just as much data as you are likely to use.

The Hall Management Committee are currently investigating options for having a permanent wifi service for hall users funded in an alternative way.